Origami Tips

Learn how to speak and fold in the language of origami!

Poket folds:

fold the corner back.Unfold. Fold the corner back again, but oposite the direction you just folded in. Unfold again. Now, push in the triagle that you just made.

Note: pocket folds are only posible when you fold back the corners of a OVERLAPING piece of paper.


Creases: The begining of a fold.

To make a sharp crease, put your paper down on a hard surface, so the crease you are making is face up. then, use your thumdnail to pull across the fold. It should make a more permanate, sharper crease.

Note: Before making a crease, make sure that is the way you want it. It is rare that a crease mark, espesially a thumb crease, will ever dissapear.


Pleat: A zig-zag pattern. This is a hard thing even for origami masters to do. A good way to fold this is to fold the paper down, then a part of the fold back up, or the other way around, depending on which way the the pleat is meant to go.


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