This Thing!

I actually titled it “This Thing.” I made It yesterday on my laptop, finished today. What do you think?

this thing


Patrick Star Instructions!

Hey guys! Good news! I got bored! And when I get bored, I tend to do stuff! This is what the result was!

IMG_2790Patrick Star!

And, even after creation of this self standing origami piece, I continued on to draw the instructions for him. That was mainly because all my video cameras are broken so I can’t film. In fact, this camera I used to take most my pictures with is broken!!! I could barely get it to work!!! But I can manage. If I can’t film, the closest I can get is pictures.

Anyway, I have drawn out the instructions, and here they are. The first part is for a 2-d version, the second is a couple of extra steps to make him 3-d and stand like the picture. Enjoy!

edited patrick instrux 1Part 1

edited patrick instrux 2

edited patrick instrux 3Extra standing steps

Also sorry I posted late for those of you in my time zone. I let my little brother use my laptop and he was on way longer than expected. For those of you outside my timezone, I’m sure you’ll be fine.

Reason for Lack of Videos/Content

Hi guys! I’m sure many of you have realized there has been a lack of videos on my You Tube channel recently… and I’m sure many of you have decided that’s because I’m lazy or something. But that’ not the case! (though sometimes I am pretty lazy) I actually haven’t been able to make any videos. All my cameras broke around the same time, so I haven’t been able to make any since the last one. First, my webcam that I was going to start using for videos for quality reasons broke, (I probably banged it against my desk without noticing or something) and then my 3DS, which I normally used until the webcam, broke. The entire top section is only connected to one hinge! It was old, so that wasn’t really unexpected.

So, anyway, I might not be able to make anything until Christmas, where I hope I will get a new and improved camera that will be good for videos. So until then, I am going to try to make simple characters that I can make written instructions for. I also might be able to make some videos on my brother’s 3DS, but I’m not making promises to any videos until after Christmas. Though… I’m not sure if I can go without making some form of stop motion until Christmas… well, if I die, then I’ll finally have an interesting post for you guys! Later!

Kylo Ren!

Hi guys! Lots of us folders are super excited for Star Wars 7, The Force awakens, so I decided o get my piece of the fun! Introducing… My Kylo Ren!


Star Wars VII, coming to theaters December 18, 2015.

Dragon’s Loyalty Award!

Hey guys! I was nominated for this award by OY30 (Thank you for that!) and now that I’m 100% settled, I’m ready to post again! So, I nominate everyone on the internet since I don’t know who has been nominate and who hasn’t 🙂 .  You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, internet people. No, here are seven facts about me!

  1. I like to draw, film stop motion, and fold origami.
  2. I have a website and a You Tube channel.
  3. I am working on writing script for a large scale stop motion.
  4. My favorite colors are tied between blue and green.
  5. I am having a hard time coming up with facts.
  6. I am a Whovian and a Star Wars fan.
  7. One of my favorite book genres is mystery.

Back From Vacation!

Hey guys! I’ve returned from my vacation, and I am back to reliable internet. I’ve only been home for a couple hours, but I’m getting settled back in! I’m ready  to work on the site with more posts and finish working on pages. So… K Origami is back!  Hi people!

Also, since I went to Universal as destination one on this trip, I decided to host a little pool for the Harry Potter fans out there. If you were at Hogwarts, what house would you be in? I’d be in Huffelpuff! Go badgers!

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