Origami Team Rules

Here you can build or join an origami team! Each team will be able to battle another in origami war! Each team must be 3-6 team members. One of these members will be team owner/leader. That person will take care of any businesses for the team. Confirming origami war, creating or disbanding a team, etc.

Creating a team

To create a team, the owner of the team will have email me a list of  the team members username and their emails of members (excluding the leader emailing). I will then email the other members and ask them if  they really applied for the team. They will reply simply yes or no. The team will not be publishes unless you have at least 3 members including leader. Six members maximum.

Once you have a team

The owner has special privileges. The owner is the only one who can wage origami war. They are in charge of all business and I expect the owner to inform all members about waging war. If an owner does not inform his members three times or breaks the r team rules, then I will give the title of ownership to another member. A team member who is not informed would e mail me they were not informed, and I would count a strike against the owner. If a team wages war on your team, the owner has the right to accept the war or decline.

Waging war

To wage war, a owner would email me “Our team wages war on team (blank), lead by folder (blank)” or some message along the lines. I will then email the owner of said challenged team “team (blank),  lead by (blank), wages war on your team. Do you accept?” Or something like that. Then they would say yes or no. If war accepted, I will email you both a list of who battles who and when, and the fight is on. If declined I email the owner your message has been declined or something like that.

How long is a war?

Six days max, 3 days minimum. It’s based on how large the biggest team is. So if a team of four fights a team of six, two people of the  team of four will have to go twice. If said team knows which two members will go twice, or an order of which team member will go when, than they would tell me in the wage war email. You have no power over the other teams’ order. If you have no chosen order, I will create you a random one. However, either team can retreat. An in war team can email me that their team would like to retreat. The owner must do this. A retreat counts as an automatic victory for the opposing team.

War order example:

Bob vs George……..day one

Sally vs Henry……..day two

Frank vs Lucy………day three

Sally vs Sam…………day four

See how one member might double up? Unless you have a chosen order, I will most likely make the owner either double up or go last. A war begins 1 DAY AFTER THE WAR IS WAGED!! On the day of a round, the competitors of that day’s rounds must email me their chosen origami, which must be their own instructions, so on so on, and at day seven, I will reveal the winner….. or a tie breaking round!!! Tie breaking rounds will be a final piece of origami between two leaders. Then the results will be revealed. Winners of wars will be posted on the home page, tie breakers pictures will be posted if necessary, and every picture of origami in this will be posted on the fanigami.

A team or a team member in war can send their origami in before their round begins. If a member fails to email in their origami for the round, they and their entire team is dissqualified from that war, and the opposing team will be declared victorious.

During war, a folder can use each fold once in a war, but that’s not the last time they can use said fold for origami war altogether. For example, let’s say Bob uses his origami bird against George during this war. If Bob had been the one doubling over instead of Sally, he could not use the bird instructions again. If Bob’s team were to battle George’s team or an other team again, in a different war, Bob could use that bird fold for that origami war.

Joining a Team

If a team has less than six, I will put up the owner’s email if anyone wants to join, unless the owner tells me otherwise. For a better chance of getting in a person’s team like this, I would put some pictures of your origami you have created in the request

Disbaning /Quiting a Team

To disban a team, owner must choose to quit the team. I will email the members of said team that there team has been destroyed. If an owner wants to give away the title of owner to a different member of the team, they would nead to email me the member of team they would like to appoint. Then the original owner is free to quit the team. A normal member of the team can quit just by emailing me they wish to quit.

With that said, create a team or join, and have fun!


24 thoughts on “Origami Team Rules”

  1. I’m making a team called “The Fold Troopers” Here is current team info:
    The Fold Troopers
    Herobrian53 (Leader + Me)
    Available position
    Available position
    Available position
    Available position

  2. Hi, I’m SF_PrincessElla (as you can see) I don’t think we know each other virtually, but Cammy (my bro) told me about the origami war thing and I thought it was cool… so I’m creating a team and Cammy will join. IMPORTANT NOTE: I only come online on my blog on Wednesdays and Sundays. I do not do email, either, so I will be commenting instead. (sorry about that.) Below is team name info:

    1. Team name: The Elite Folders *team name by Cammy. Good team name! :)*

      me, leader
      Jessenia (I haven’t asked yet, but I think she’ll be in… maybe)
      and anyone else I think of later. I’ll make sure to invite them to the team. thanks! – sfprincessella 😀

      1. That sounds cool with me! I’m also thinking of lowering he needed members to two, so you might be fine! Thanks for checking in! Nice team name by the way, Ella!

    2. Also, no, we do not know each other virtually. I saw some of your posts on Origami Yoda during the old republic when the talk zone was still running. I just saw your blog for the first time. It had some pretty cool posts!

  3. Guys, you’re actually supposed to submit your through email, but since this is the first team request, I’ll make a special acception. I will need an email or comment from oy217 to confirm his entry, though.

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