Normal Folds

These folds are still pretty simple, but have some more detailed folds. Perfect for folders who like do make their own instructions.




Darth Maul (With A bonus Yoda)

These instructions focus on a completely origami, one sheet of paper, Darth Maul! Even the horns are apart of the fold, not attached on by glue or tape or anything else. Just one great Maul! And the video teaches how to turn your Maul into a Yoda.

013Instructions by K Origami

Click here for the video instructions!



This is a fold that can be made from an actual square of origami fold. It is relativity simple, and would be placed in the easy section, if not for the two more complex folds at the end.

014Instructions by K Origami

Click here for Video Instructions!


Indiana Jones

These are written instructions for my very own “Indiana Folds.” Bad pun intended. It is pretty easy to follow, but this fold may require patients.

003Page 1

004Page 2

005Page 3

Instructions by K Origami


Admiral Ackbar

Instructions by Tom Angleberger




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