Fanigami and Fanart

Hey! This is K! Here I post any art or work you send me (through email) and a message you type yourself! I will also post the creator’s name, but remember to tell me who created it, but don’t use your real name for multiple reasons. And it will also help you create a name for yourself, like K isn’t my real name, I just created it for myself. Remember- IT MUST BE YOUR OWN WORK! If I find anything plagorized, I can and will ban the author of the post from Ok Origami!



MRXBOX360’s Creaseatron!


MRXBOX360’s Foldimous Prime!


SF Megan/Phred’s Ahsoka!


MRXBOX360’s Jawa!


MRXBOX360’s Count Duku!


MRXBOX360’s Darth Maul!


MRXBOX360’s 3po and arto!







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