A New Sci Fi to Come!

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since my last visit (thanks to school), so I was just checking in!

Also… for a long time now I have always mentioned working on a large scale stop motion movie. Does anyone remember that? Well, now it’s finally here! After all this time, the script is 100% complete! It’s been through countless concept phases, re-imaginings, and lot of original ideas were dropped, but I think it was all worth it. The story that it’s become only exists because of what I put into it. 🙂

Star Hawk going to be a stop motion series, taking place in a distant future years after the destruction of the planet Earth. Most of the surviving humans from Earth have relocated to a new planet, named New Earth. Here the Government resides, obsessed with maintaining the purity of humanly across the stars.

The actual story however follows Percy Alec, a young Government officer on New Earth. Despite his rank, he has been robbing the Government for the Pirate Xzith and his mercenaries for years. When he learns about the Antistar, a mysterious and powerful relic (sure to be worth thousands), he vows to steal it. Soon he is thrown into a galaxy-wide hunt that hopes to see him dead. If anyone’s interested just click on this link to learn more about the series:


You can also click the link if you may be interested in auditioning to be a character in Star Hawk. I don’t expect that to happen, but who knows. It could be pretty cool. So as always, thanks for visiting the site!





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