Back to the future “They found me” (and also a question to viewers)

Hey guys, sorry I couldn’t post sooner, my teachers like to assign multiple projects at the same time and consecutively 🙂 . I’m a little late for back to the future day, but it’s my blog, so deal with it! So, here we have a meme with Doc Brown!

Doc Brown they  found meSilly doctor! Basic knowledge is for regular people!

Also I have a question for those of you who view my channel (or care for that matter.) As some of you know, my cameras are broken, so I haven’t been able to film videos, so I’ve been thinking of screen recording as I play computer games. However, like Doc, I don’t have basic knowledge and have no idea what games I should play. So if you have an Idea, tell me in the comments! Thanks!

The game has to be free though, because I don’t have money and I’m cheap XD !


5 thoughts on “Back to the future “They found me” (and also a question to viewers)”

  1. I was thinking about doing a nuzlocke on older Pokemon games. For those of you that don’t know, It’s basically a hardcore for Pokemon. There’s no “fainting,” they DIE. Would that be cool?

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