It’s October 2015!

Hey guys! Happy October! I randomly decided to start making a special post at the beginning of each month and put in anything interesting that happened to the blog or anything related recently recently. So, here’s the first one.

Welcome to the first and only October 2015! This is the fourth or fifth consecutive post I’ve made! I’m on a roll! I uploaded some new instructions for a Patrick Star, so go check those out if you’re interested. Yesterday on my YouTube Channel, I hit 240 subscribers! Pretty good for a kid who randomly uploads videos, if you ask me. Don’t forget to check out the channel, if you like the site. Click Here if you want to see it. And that’s all that’s happened recently, so see you next month! That’s a joke… I’ll still put my regular weirdness up.

P.S. This was my 100th post!!! I want to thank all of you for being able to put up with me for 100 posts! I can’t believe I’ve come this far.


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