Patrick Star Instructions!

Hey guys! Good news! I got bored! And when I get bored, I tend to do stuff! This is what the result was!

IMG_2790Patrick Star!

And, even after creation of this self standing origami piece, I continued on to draw the instructions for him. That was mainly because all my video cameras are broken so I can’t film. In fact, this camera I used to take most my pictures with is broken!!! I could barely get it to work!!! But I can manage. If I can’t film, the closest I can get is pictures.

Anyway, I have drawn out the instructions, and here they are. The first part is for a 2-d version, the second is a couple of extra steps to make him 3-d and stand like the picture. Enjoy!

edited patrick instrux 1Part 1

edited patrick instrux 2

edited patrick instrux 3Extra standing steps

Also sorry I posted late for those of you in my time zone. I let my little brother use my laptop and he was on way longer than expected. For those of you outside my timezone, I’m sure you’ll be fine.


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